International human rights day & Regional training on human rights & peace education, 2013

EIP training on Human Rights & Peace Education stats after the lighting of the lamp by dignitaries and guests. Dr. Mishra, Master Peace India welcomes the guest and participants. Message of Monique, Secretary General of EIP-International, read and distributed to the participants.

Dr. Balkrishna Kurvey of EIP-India greeted the participants on the International Human Rights Day and informed the meaning of EIP and its work propagating Human Rights and Peace education in the world. He narrated the objectives of the training and need in India. India is a largest democracy and for the betterment and successful and meaningful democracy the principles of Human Rights must be observed for the peace and development. He urged the participants who are political leaders, policy makers, educationists and responsible for the implementation in their respective departments. He stressed that Human rights and peace education through schools and various organizations and NGOs will surely benefit individual, society, state and ultimately to world. Human Rights educate the person for peaceful coexistence. Dr. Kurvey stressed that the “Human Rights is pre-requisite for Peace, Democracy and Development.” Readmore